netBrackets Office Pool Manager - Great features, and a LOW price (about 25¢/entry). We make running an office pool easy, and more fun for all participants. New features for 2010include:
  • Faster Updates - You'll know where you stand even faster.
  • User Management - Users can manage their info and entries in one place.
  • Color Themes - Selectable for each pool.
  • Quick Links - No more logging in.
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        Other netBrackets standard features...
  • Calculated Standings, Points and Potential.
  • Multiple Scoring Options.
  • Pick Info - See each entrant's picks.
  • Win Analysis - Tells your chances to win.
  • Must Have Team alert - They win or you're out.
  • Auto-Invites - Send invites to last year's entrants.
  • No Ads, No SPAM, No personal info to enter.
  • A FREE Sweet 16 Office Pool and more...

Our "bread and butter" 64 team NCAA Basketball Tournament Office Pool. At about a quarter per entrant, you won't find a better value for the features. But don't take our word for it, see our testimonials page

Our Sweet 16 pools have Most of the same great features of our Standard Brackets Office Pool Manager, just fewer teams. And for each Standard Pool you buy, you'll get a free Sweet 16 Tournament Office Pool.